Are you 60?

Don’t feel giddy!

Your enemy’s not Time

You’re still in your prime

Smile, laugh, live in the now

To all your worries, bid ‘ciao’

Remember, age is just a number

You cannot afford to slumber

Off to the dancefloor! Life’s a party

Because 60 is the new 20!

A common misperception in Mauritius is once someone has reached the milestone of 60, life is not the same. Some go through an existential crisis, others decide to adopt a monk-like lifestyle or mope quietly in a corner, worrying about every single day that follows while a handful remains confident and makes the most of life. Inevitably, every milestone brings its lot of introspection and retrospection but being 60 should not be a psychological barrier, preventing us to make the most of every day.

More than ever, people retain their youthful looks, are in better health and shape and preserve their stamina to do whatever they want. There is a wealth of possibilities to indulge in such as taking up new hobbies, travelling, developing unknown skills, learning about other interests. Change is constant. We cannot turn back time. But we can change the way we feel about ourselves. Do things that make you feel good. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Remember, life always goes on.  So, bring it on! 60 is the new 20!