I am thankful our common brother has passed over.
I wonder what this genuine pal and mentor to me thinks of you today. You were a historical major political negotiator leading to the 2014 fiasco and the implosion of a party that made you, in spite of your mishaps. I am old enough to know!
I grew up in this cauldron. My caste to others prevents me to be Obelix. Yet, my genomes know the true history of this banana republic. I believe, wasted is the potential of meritocracy.
This election is a choice. A simple choice.
Is the nepotism of this last government better than Ramgoolam’s last tenure as Prime Minister?
Is the shabby private life of my leader an exception in local politics? Navinchandra messed up and I too punished him in 2014.
Yet, truth be known I gave a tiny nudge to Adrien Duval only.
However, the nepotism nowadays upsets me. And Alan,
poor Alan is selling his lifelong convictions for what? Why?
He was one of two red implants in the MMM. MSM!
Even jockeys have more self-respect.
Justice will win, justice is not bought, justice is free.
PTR is our Mauritius. A secular national party.
MSM a family enterprise. Two drug enquiries dan tirwar!
I openly wish for Steve, Alan and other jockeys to return to the stable,
I believe in my history, VOTE PTR.
Money or Morals, Capitalism or socialist values,
MSM sold IFB, Alan is selling his political soul!
Voters, your choice.