Dawood Auleear

The folk tale of Leila and Majnu is kept alive by the superpowers of our day. It is believed that when Leila did not smile at Majnu as he appeared on her doorsteps, the latter lost temper and started shooting the innocent meinats on the mango tree in front of her house.

When ignored by his electorate, Trump, like Majnu, manifested his displeasure by a missile spasm on weak Syria.  As the US is used to, Trump said he acted on the ground that Syria used chemical weapons on its people. The presence and use of those arms have yet to be proved just like the weapons of mass destruction of Iraq. Don’t the mighty of the world ever get tired of solving other nations’ problems? Do they ever feel remorse of leaving behind a trail of destruction just as in Iraq where a million lives have been lost? Or do they like poor countries so much that they create more of them? There are at least three Iraqs, two Palestines, two Koreas and several Libyas.

With the advent of Macron on the French political scene, the world pushed a sigh of relief. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité would drive French policies. But to our dismay, the French leader lined up with the British poodle to support the American aggression to give it the respectability of an action supported by the “World Community”. How does France reconcile its stand on Syria and at the same time close its eyes on past French colonial excesses and the open pit uranium extraction in Africa by France as described by journalist Danny Forston that in Niger, “you give someone a spade and two dollars a day, and you’re mining uranium”.