Incredible in the rendition of the songs and the singular pulse and tempo of its whole 2h15, Bohemian Rhapsody constantly, to the last minute, got me asking for more. Featuring scenes of pure musical thrills and breath-taking acting from the main cast, it is a movie that will challenge your ability to get bored, despite its flaws. The man at the forefront, Rami Malek, is half the reason I could not look away most times, gratifying us with an out of the world performance. There is a deep sense of satisfaction to see him becoming Freddie Mercury in such an impeccable way.

The plot, these little moments between songs, is where the movie unfortunately falls a little short. It is not the lack of story, but rather the way it is delivered. Some scenes lacked emotions, others tried too hard. But then again, this did not impact on the overall quality of the movie, and we are more than ready to excuse these tiny lapses, as no fifteen minutes go by without an exciting performance, one that probably blasts your ears with glorious music. Having grown to the beat of Freddie Mercury’s songs, and being a huge fan of this unique artist, it is a special feeling to follow the metamorphosis of a man, from Farrokh Bulsaro to Freddie Mercury. The apex of immersion is achieved in the last apotheosis concert scene, where we are contented with a good twenty minutes of non-stop rock. The quality of the sound and performance is so good that it often feels as though we are living those moments live. Some hardcore Queen elitists might point the glaring inaccuracies, but most people will not notice them. A musical spectacle like few before, it is a movie that, if you relish two-hour thrills, you must see in the theatre. 8/10