Megha Venketasamy

Last Saturday, we held our first « menstruation » circle guiding women through their inner navigation system, as we moved to the closure of our circle, the words emerged and they whispered “Conscious men”. These words stayed with me all through till this morning as my own descend led me to that which I am about to whisper back.

Yes, women, we are many to have a hard time to say, to state, to acknowledge, to honor and to embrace the fact that there are “conscious men” out there. Yes, women, we have been rising from our demeaning states and still walking through our woundedness and most of the time we speak from that state of woundedness. Yes, it is not easy. It still hurts and we have every right to be angry, mad and to be paining.

But this will not change the truth that there are “conscious men” rising and doing their inner works.

Maybe it is time for us to change the way we see, hear, feel, experience and define consciousness and conscious men.

Consciousness has more to do with waking up to owning one’s stories. Consciousness is about owning responsibility for how we feel, why we feel it and what triggers us. Consciousness is being aware of what we put out in the world. Consciousness is grounded in intentions.

There are conscious men rising and we have to acknowledge this truth – “Patriarchy has not done less harm to and unto men. Our men were taught and are still being taught to shut off from their inner navigation system.”

Do NOT think it is easy for me to say this. It is an uneasy stride on my keyboard right here right now. But still, I chose to whisper for I see, hear and feel my fears, my stories, my woundedness and I honor them. I am witness to my struggle through my stride, still I chose to whisper for this is my commitment to consciousness.


Conscious men are not meant to be like conscious women. We were designed, crafted and synergized to complement each other.

Please do not go out in the world expecting to meet men who will complete your sentences like your sisters do; or bring you your favorite food like your sisters do ; or even have the kind of conversation that blows your mind.

I am not saying it is not possible but there is distorted romanticism – built around conscious men – that veils us to this truth that conscious men are like us; they have been torn apart, they have lost it all and they are healing their way through, they are learning to allow their selves to be rewired and this is no easy path.

Conscious men will go and hide at times, like we do. Conscious men will even try hard to have outer dimensional conversations like we do. Conscious men will screw it all at times like we do. Conscious men are not less or better than us, they are merely mirrors of that which women seek.

I say this for everyday, I witness myself going through my cycles and I often pause to acknowledge and honor not just myself but all connected directly and indirectly to and through me, women and men.

As I close off, I must confess that this my SHIFTIEST 2018 lesson so far. I stay open and I am choosing to allow myself to learn from my self, my stories, from your self, your stories, from our selves and our stories.

Love from my heart to yours.

Image:  Tim Foster,