No! You don’t know! I am going to tell you. Because there in Singapore there is a «Dobermann» named «Death Penalty» for drug-dealers. Anyone who is caught with 15 grams of hard drug is hanged irrespective who he is, whether he is the son of a prime minister or a president. There is no precedent in Singapore. It is uncompromising in the fight against drug-trafficking. And this is the underlying reason why Singapore with a population of more than six millions is a drug-free society.

 Here in Mauritius with a population of barely 1.3 million we are flooded with drugs and drug-trafficking. Here in our Paradise Island, the drug-dealers are protected by Human Rights along with «Five-Stars» prisons coupled with balanced diet. In Singapore there is no treatment for drug-takers par rapport to our country where government spends millions of tax-payers’ money drug-therapy to rehabilitate drug-takers. In Singapore the problem is dealt with at root level. When there is no drug circulating in the country, its citizens are screened and the government does not have to spend on drug-rehabilitation.

 Recently when I met Sir Anerood Jugnauth, I told him to combat drug-trafficking, there is only one solution― «Death Penalty» and the seizure of all the ill-gotten gains, the other measures like the Commission of inquiry which had cost the state of millions rupees will be mere palliatives. What has the recent Commission of inquiry brought? 110 kg of heroine would have flooded the local market had it not been the prompt intervention of ADSU.

 We are in a vulnerable position surrounded with sea-coasts which provide an easy access to the country. We are not equally matched to fight the drug-mafia. The country lacks an effective deterrent in its fight against the drug-dealers. Any invasion can be spared with an effective deterrent. Singapore has grasped its significance. This is the underlying reason why Singapore will never abolish Death Penalty because it is a highly reliable deterrent in the fight against drug-trafficking and for the maintenance of law and order in the country.

I would like to ask the Angolan Lady teacher who recently came to the country with Rs 16,3 millions heroine hidden in her genitals, why had she chosen Mauritius as destination instead of Singapore or any Arab countries? The drug-traffickers are very knowledgeable about laws existing in certain countries concerning drugs. They pick and choose. They know where to go with their stuffs. Why do they never venture into Singapore or into any Arab countries? Because the laws in these countries against drug-trafficking are too rigorous. If they are caught, they will be hanged, and no one will be able to save their skins. It is too risky to try an adventure. On the other hand they will try their luck in Mauritius because they know that the laws against drug-trafficking are not rigorous and there is only term of imprisonment if ever they are caught. They know also about the prison service― how the country is equipped with «Five-Stars» prisons where prisoners are given a royal treatment with balanced diet, where Human Rights are scrupulously observed. So taking all these into consideration, it is certainly worth an attempt. This is how our country has become an easy market for drug-traffickers and a hub for drug-trafficking in this corner of the world.

 In Singapore the government had provided an effective security blanket for its population against the scourge of drugs with a deterrent called «Death Penalty.» It is similar to having a «Dobermann» which keeps thieves at bay in your yard, and helps you to have a pleasant sleep at night. But the day you remove that deterrent, be prepared for unwelcomed visitors and a disturbing sleep.

You are free to say whatever you want about the severity of the laws in Singapore, especially about death penalty as a retrograde, backward and archaic country, the government is simply deaf to all criticisms, and sends its detractors headlong to hell. The harshness of its laws has provided a bulwark against all social evils to screen its citizens and foreigners.

And one plus point is that all the Singaporeans’ are hundred percent agreeable to the stiff laws prevailing in the country. Human Rights are sent straight to hell, unlike we who are slave to Human Rights. Its overriding concern is the safety and security of its citizens and foreigners. The rest is just meaningless!