Alain Jeannot

New road signs and road markings at Concorde avenue, Camp Levieux, though long overdue, are a laudable life-saving initiative.

The road signs are retroreflective, conspicuous and seem to be of excellent quality. The freshly made road markings on Concorde Avenue are also good. However, white lines which have not yet been painted at intersections falling on this avenue might be misleading to drivers heading towards this main road, especially at night.

Road furniture and road markings do not only contribute to communicate with road users, warning them, guiding them and informing them while regulating the traffic to mention but a few purposes but they also send a signal of discipline by creating an environment conducive to compliance to the road codes.

This is why this initiative promises hope of safer rides at Camp Levieux. Yet, the old and completely rusted pedestrian crossing sign must be removed as soon as possible as it is obstructing the new one.

Additionally, vehicles should refrain to stop by hawkers operating at the intersection near Winners supermarket. They represent a serious threat to road users, especially vulnerable ones, in this busy area.