Life would not have turned into such a dark place if every human being practised forgiveness. God’s existence is often questioned as in why the world is left in such misery and havoc. Ignorance is a big and common thing which leads humans to distress because had he or she had revealing knowledge about God and Him being love, he or she would have understood that love respects freedom and liberty, thus God respecting each and everyone’s liberty. Why does the word ‘prayer’ exist? 

Intelligence is a beautiful thing gifted to human beings. But it also has its dark side. Pushing its intelligence to defy and challenge nature, for example, is like disturbing a roaring lion asleep whose claws would voraciously tear away anything and anyone daring disturbing him. And people are shocked like « oh my God » before heavy downpours, flooding and so forth?

Forgiveness frees from a heavy burden weighing on one’s soul and heart. A river clogged up cannot allow its water to freely run away. It modifies the functioning of its normal route. Same is our inner self when unforgiveness paves its way all through and settles in! Vengeance is fed by anger and bitterness. A sense of injustice invades every tiny corner of our minds and body with our imagination running wild. Solving a negative situation with a negative solution honours the negative action done by our perpetrator.

Using one’s intelligence wisely would calm these angry emotions controlling our every move. Karma is the world’s version of the bible’s verse: « Whatever one sows, one reaps. » (Galatians 6:7) No one escapes it. It’s a life principle and having a closer look at our own journey in life, it will surely prove out to be true. Pain is what holds us back from our stepping out to Forgiveness land. A vivid pain corrosively affects any person inside out. Pride is its companion.

Why would I forgive my perpetrator? Why would I release him or her? Payback is synonymous of their worth. The world’s version of love is conditional and restraints possibilities. Grabbing hold of that gut wrenching pain is better than allowing peace bring torment to death. Killing, destroying reputation, intentionally hurting via words, fights are different ways the world deals with pain and hurt.

Does that breathe any peaceful wind in? Does that honour us in any way? This saying goes around on social media: « Don’t get mixed up between my personality and my attitude, because my personality is me and my attitude depends on how you treat me. » SERIOUSLY? How can our brain and personality be so limited as to having an attitude worth any person coming against us? Should you be kind, would you lower that gift to level it to meanness? This is the very reason the world is where it is at this very moment. Should all of us have made the decision not to respond to war with war, the world, people would not have been so inhuman!

Is it easy to forgive? No! But it helps keep our sanity and humanity in their respective place should we learn to apply it. Love is the talk of all time. Valentine’s day is the big celebration thing. Love is not only about lovers of love, but doers of love! Loving with words is one thing compared to loving with actions. What is love anyway? « Je t’aime, tu m’aimes, la crème? » A lack of knowledge leads people to an inner death! That inner death transpires leaving a heavy coat on the world.

Am I immune to pain? That will never happen! Life hits and hits hard! True intelligence finds its way of happiness through a dark paved way. Happiness is a daily choice. Singing in a dark tunnel has never been impossible and probably gets us going stronger till finding light at the end of it.

Forgiveness is a help to our own soul. Does it mean reconciliation? They are and should not always be affiliated. YES, injustice meets with us at every corner! But hey…would you allow the river of your soul to be clogged up to such an extent it chokes your very self? Whose life are you poisoning? Your perpetrators’ or yours?

Reaping season happens every day… Let’s make sure we sow positively!