Messages envoyés par une amie dont le frère est mort à l’hôpital alors qu’elle repartait comme prévu pour le pays où elle réside depuis plusieurs années. Leçon à retenir pour l’année à venir : comment le personnel des hôpitaux doit faire preuve d’un dialogue plus positif avec les malades qu’ils ont pour mission de soigner et d’accompagner. Que ressent le malade, quelles explications données à sa famille pour que les séjours à l’hôpital ne soient pas «un tug of war»? Il n’y a pas que les traitements, mais aussi les explications à donner et la qualité de cœur que l’on met dans les soins à apporter.

November 2

Before I left Mauritius, I was told that they tied my brother’s hands to the bed’s railing. He wanted to get up to go to the toilets, they inserted a catheter into my brother’s body…he is not incontinent. Being autistic he has his own logic; he started to resist and shouted profanities…

Today I learned that they have tied his feet too, he was not cooperating to take medication, they are feeding him through the nose…

It is very inhumane…
…. If you treat this way a victim of a suspected cerebral infarctus, you might be causing a third infarctus… because there is so much violence provoked by this treatment.

November 4

I told the family if no more tests are scheduled we better get his discharge before he died of mistreatment there. However if they have to undertake a biopsy of the prostate, we might have to stay there until tests are done …

If it is terminal cancer… getting to the bones which caused so much pain, we have to stay at the hospital…but we need to negotiate for a more humane treatment.

One cannot heal with hands and feet tied. They could have called a psychiatrist to give him some sedative and not do so much violence to his body and psyche… Free Healthcare in MRU is so unhealthy! Confirmed : left temporal lobe infarctus. Still in the hospital tied up though they have administered calmants and he is groggy most of the time. Today when his wife and daughter called his name, he opened his eyes; could not speak; but tears ran down his cheeks.

Please pray for him and the brave trio at home.

The 16-year boy is sitting for O-level economics exams tomorrow….

November 6

My brother passed away at noon today in Jeetoo Hospital.

November 15

I still carry in my heart a very deep sorrow for not having done more to save my brother. Hospital staff did not understand him, his resistance; he died hands, feet tied up…much unjust violence done to him… Why should feeble-minded people be victim of such cruelty?

Prie avec moi… mon chagrin est overwhelming …