Jenni Luke, chief executive of the national teen mentorship organization StepUp, emphasized that mentoring “is very much reciprocal, and there’s so much to be learned from the younger generation.” Both sides are “meeting different types of people, understanding different experiences, and really growing their own network of young, up-and-coming professionals to be able to support or to be able to offer opportunities. As long as you’re willing to let the relationship evolve in the way that it can, based on everyone’s time constraints and the way that the communication works best for the two of you, I think there’s no one, right structure.” matters-how-to-get-started.html?fallback=0&rec- Id=1AxYHWg1xDfZqPjasg7zXresjwG&locked=0&geoContin ent=AF&geoRegion=PU&recAlloc=control&geoCountry=MU &blockId=home-living-vi&imp_id=871459283&action=click &module=Smarter%20Living&pgtype=Homepage