Dear Prime Minister,

I have noted with great satisfaction your sincere and honest vision coupled with your will power to make of our country, Mauritius, a high income economy, thus improving the quality of living of the people of Paradise Island.


This is a genuinely laudable and praiseworthy intention and aspiration of yours and all people, with the exception of your opponents and the pessimists, undoubtedly appreciate it.

But Mr. Prime Minister, I am really sorry that your ambition, your intention, will be unfortunately frustrated because of a serious bottleneck that shall erect itself as an insurmountable wall to nullify your sincerest aspiration.

That obstacle is the 50% semi-literate and illiterate manpower that our schools are producing annually; examinations results show a failure rate of 30% coupled with a 20% very low achievers at the margin.

As you must be aware a high level of literacy and numeracy is necessary for training and maintaining a specialised manpower for comprehending and manipulating the future technological advancements of material equipment required for achieving a very high output relative to your high income aspiration.

In your bid, Mr Prime Minister, to make Mauritius a high income economy, there is most certainly an imperative need for an overhaul of the education sector especially at the primary level which will impact positively at secondary and tertiary levels.

I can volunteer to help in the enterprise of overhauling and improving the archaic and regressive system of education prevalent in our schools resulting in our education system, at present, producing a high percentage of manpower that is neither fit for the offices nor for the fields.

This high percentage of failures in our schools shall dampen negatively your aspirations for a progressive society but instead produce a bunch of social misfits that are nefarious to one and all, even to our fair minded politicians of your calibre.

Hope you will take the pain of reading this letter and appreciate its content.

I am at your disposal for a complete and detailed explanation of my philosophy of overhauling the education system that is retarding progress.

Yours truly.