Man is said to be made in the image of God,


He remains a God,

Fallen in his own sins,

Fallen, but well aware of his superiority

Over everything else

In a meaningless world!

But then,

If God, be like Man,

If God, carries on his arm,

A wife,

It becomes a sin

To think of God’s wife

As a battered woman,

As cheated upon,

Treated as second choice,

Meant to be kept on a shelf

For when she would be needed!


If God complements his crown with a wife,

It becomes blasphemous

To think

That she is one who would have trust issues,

Be suicidal, need therapy

Cry all alone

While pretending to be fine in the divine society!


God, as husband,

Would listen to her,

Respect her, laud her,

Be proud of her

And would trust her

In any given circumstances!


He would talk to her,

Ask her to explain of her actions,

Or of stuff which would seem

Confusing to Him!

He would treat her as His equal

As He would know, for sure,

That she remains His inner power,

Without whom He would exist not!

And if Man be made in the image of God,

Or, if he remains one deep down at heart,

Why is it that he behaves not as such


On Earth?