As soon as she is born,

She is met with disdain

From faces painted with noses lifted up in disgust


She is a girl,


A burden,

A creature, being, both heavy and invisible

At the same time!

When her little hands get held

She is imagined, at the earliest,

As somebody’s wife,

Toiling all day long in his kitchen,

Bearing, with the perfection of Goddesses,

His children

And, being able to show everybody else some care,

While having for herself, none!

She grows up and gets judged

By the lot of the society

As to whether she chooses to stay single

Or to settle at the earliest

As if, she was, herself,

A little tele nova series

Laden with cliff hangers and with plot twists

That the society can help not but be glued on her every act!

She is not even deemed

As being worthy of being given any property

From her father’s side

As she does not deserve so,


She is a girl, after all,

Carrying with her,

The possibility of being a stranger

To those that sired her!

She will feel heavy at all times,

By being constantly reproached for her birth

When she certainly had no say upon this!


The emancipated world, itself, will keep

Tapping itself on its stomach

And will say to the whole cosmos

That it believes in respecting the girl child

But it realises not,

That it looks at her with frowning eyes

And nods its head

Whenever someone whispers it around

That the girl child is like a gift,

Meant to be thrust in the hands of its rightful owner

At the earliest!