Over the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed a Mauritian version of the cult Hollywood film entitled ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.’ However, hold your peace! There’s nothing heroic about these Mauritians who are bent on doing their best to push our country into the abyss of doom and gloom. And they’re succeeding! Blacklisted by the European Union, we’re also distrusted by our African neighbours over our corrupt financial practices.

The Good are the ones who keep a low profile and subtly help in the looting of national resources. They are the invisible leeches with gargantuan appetites, feasting quietly on what they are generously given. They are in the good books of the holy governors and hardly ever arouse suspicions. For example, they are the counsels of the numerous boards or close acquaintances who get tailor-made lucrative contracts when the country is helplessly trapped.

As for the Bad, they are those opportunists, often using vulgar language, who want to further their despicable agenda. They love the limelight, mess up their make-up (sadly so!) and are ready to get rid of anyone who will stand in their way. To hell with meritocracy and competence! They usually have a thick skin to withstand criticism and just like cuckoo chicks, they have no qualms in pushing people out of their posts or rightful promotions. They enjoy being chairpersons by being professional turncoats and bask into that notoriety.

What about the Ugly? You’ve guessed it right! Anyone who disagrees with them is labelled as a pathetic barking dog. They simply do not care about anyone, protect their own kind and embody the quintessence of selfishness, arrogance, pride and vanity. Their power is absolute and their dads’ helping hands have propelled them into the seats of impunity. If they could tax the air we breathe, they would! All state apparatus are at their disposal to abuse as they so wish. Propaganda has reached such proportions that numerous Mauritians no longer wish to pay Rs 150 monthly to the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation. They’d rather watch ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ on Netflix but wait…this will be taxed too!

Good things have turned bad and ugly!