The Prime Minister has made an appeal to all Mauritians to take part in a national cleaning activity over the weekend. In a recent press conference announcing the activity, he has declared that maybe the citizen is yet to be aware of the importance of keeping the community and the country clean. While he indulged in the activity himself by trimming hedges and painting a parapet at SSR Botanical Garden, for a few minutes for the camera, in trendy sweat pants and orange gloves, we “unaware” citizens, are left to pick up the trash left by policy makers and politicians over the years. We need to fund their lifestyles of flashy cars that need to be given priority during heavy traffic, while they behave like a “babbling bubbling band” of fools in the place where they are supposed to be working for our betterment. We need to make do with the maze that has become our localities because, hey, the “metro” will be the progress of the century for us, so let’s silently navigate the countless road closures, single way traffics and be late for work every day, in our cars that become filthier by the day, no matter how much we clean them, because, need I say it again, the “metro”. But since we are an obedient bunch of people, let’s adhere to the request of the Prime Minister and clean up our immediate environment, not only for the benefit of cameras, in the hope that one day his colleagues, himself, as well as the others who sit in Parliament, will decide to do a spring clean of their mouldy old ways of doing politics and leave us in peace with a bright, clean progressive future.