She wasn’t just an actress but regarded as a devi.
“Lights, Camera Action”
Were the words that hummed in her ears for decades. Catwalks, magazine covers, TV shows and award functions They were her arena, where she reigned supreme, except not really…

Her sudden demise brought an entire nation to tears Perhaps, reminding people of their inner fears… What is it to rule high up like a star when the ashes

are scattered on the ground? What is it in power, wealth, fame and tight security?

Do they eventually secure eternity?

Everything is but temporary, for nothing lasts forever, Like visitors, we come, we stay, but ain’t got time to pack and bid farewell.
Some have it easy and it becomes a trip to remember

Others have it unpleasantly bitter; it is an earthly-hell! Whichever way it is, no one feels reassured
For we will all be reduced to nothingness and that is for sure!