by Jason Lingaya

 Here there little fella

Here there

C– l – o – s – e – r

Closer still

Down the aisle

Follow the sign


Teases a clock

In the shadows

Be brave hither

Heroic never

Trust your host

To guide thee

Through an abyss

Of unprecedented bliss

Jack was a wimp

The Ripper I am

At your service

Hesitating some more ugh

Never mind fella

Time’s on my side

Pray don’t back

Please come back

The darkest alleys

Are my quarters

The austere grounds

On which I prey

Gluttony is the name

Of my game

From The Poet

What’s in a name

I claim the one

Of Great Worm

My teeth are grim lethal

Razor sharp blades

And my throat

A gruesome One-Way ticket

No wonder my stomach

Knows no rest

At your service

The Ripper I am

The infamous

Snowflake eel.