Is the above statement always true?

We live in a really beautiful and blessed country. Are we objectively aware of this ? True, this beauty and positive outlook can be in the eye of the beholder. Depending on our personal fortune and circumstances in the society. However, if we have had the opportunity to travel and live abroad, we shall understand the truth behind my statement.

True, over the years, our individual and collective selfishness & greed, often inspired by the character and examples set by our leaders (in politics & elsewhere) have kept polluting the state of our idyllic abode and undermining our Mieux-Vivre Ensemble & Sense of Solidarity.

Today is momentous in the sense that it’s the only time within two electoral mandates whereby our democracy gives all of us the EQUAL POWER to hold our politicians and leaders ACCOUNTABLE for their past actions and betrayal of our collective Will & Trust. And thereby we make the CHOICE in total freedom about our Future Representatives in Parliament and Government.

Tomorrow, when the dust of the populist clamour would have settled, we shall all gradually wake up to the reality of normalcy. We shall eventually realize how far we have been allies and agents of real positive change for our society or ignorant followers/accomplices of a larger army of the forces of darkness that will perpetuate a culture of ruthless greed and arrogance from self-serving individuals.

It’s highly regrettable that in this age of the greatest ICT inventions & innovations, we have yet to see the existence of a powerful, reliable & affordable mass produced INSTANT LIE DETECTOR TOOL (ILDT) that could alert us by regular strong beeps every time some politicians, leaders, public opinion protagonists/politologues-salon and media are digressing from Truth and indulging in sheer LIES & Manipulation.

I am a true believer in the Law of Karma (individual and collective) as much as I believe in the inescapable Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!

I just wonder how, after the electoral fever has subsided, we shall handle, individually and collectively, the ‘karma’ set in motion by the massive pollution caused by the lies and manipulation that were unleashed during this whole electoral season? Like it or not, we shall have to bear the consequences collectively at varying degrees. By commission, as accomplices or through omission! Lol.

It’s up to us to mitigate or transcend these compounding negative consequences through our improved outlook and actions in the future!

Yes, it’s worth contemplating also how tomorrow many of these politicians and their opportunistic/servile agents, after they have relished the outcome of the polls, will gleefully chant :

Eh, Nou Finn Resi Kouyonn Zot Ankor …

…Lepep Admirab! 

Or … Aster Re Nou Tour ! 

If they have spared a modicum of conscience and wisdom, those political leaders can still pause and reflect on what really contributed to their victory or failure? Has it more to do with default circumstances, the genuine change in their leadership OUTLOOK & VALUES or will it continue to be the unflinching SENSE OF DENIAL/ARROGANCE that afflicts most people when they are in Power … about their own weaknesses and the diabolical influence of their surroundings?

 I move on now to accomplish one of my most sacred civic duties. Forever guided by these powerful hymns from the Upaniṣhads:

Om, from falsehood, lead me to truth,

From darkness, lead me to the light,

From death, lead me to immortality,

Om peace peace peace (Peace in three states of life – physical, mental and spiritual)