For many millennia, during the festive season, every individual will be wishing his close ones to have a happy and prosperous New Year. This should be so on a daily basis, as every single day forms part and parcel of the New Year. A poor man celebrates New Year once a year whereas a wise man celebrates it every second of his existence and this mostly in silence, meditation, reflection, contemplation and introspection.

DR R.K Bissesur

Happiness is a feeling or showing of pleasure or contentment. This is always temporary in nature and ephemeral – whereas joy and bliss can be tasted within oneself. Bliss is simply joy that is devoid of suffering and pain.

Each individual is unique in this chaotic world. Life is simple but man likes to make it complicated. Our birth and our departure from this world are programmed. Most people are confused – ignorant regarding the purpose of this mysterious and sanctified life. To be born as a human being is the most valuable gift bestowed on you by the Almighty God. Every normal individual is aware of his thoughts, feelings and behaviour and these are absent in other living species.

Within each one of us, there is an ocean of joy, bliss and peace. You only start to live when you are drowning in your inner peace. Joy, happiness or whatever you may call it, cannot be found outside you. All pleasures derived from the senses are incomplete and ephemeral.

Have a few minutes of daily reflection regarding your own life. You may have been disappointed on many occasions, when your expectations have not been materialised.

Disappointment culminates in wisdom, if feeling is supplemented by reflection and rational insight.

Disappointment, a shock to the feelings, is not only the mother of bitterness but the strongest possible incentive of a differentiation of feeling.

Daily self introspection leads to a peaceful and successful life. Share your pure love with everyone – though you may not behave the same way with everyone. Be happy with what you have and show gratitude to one and all that you come across. From now onwards, remember that you have all that is needed to be joyful within yourself. Feel your inner peace and remain contented for every second of your existence. This is to wish each one of you to have victory as your birthright or that you should always be fortunate.

Dr R.K. Bissessur