Vaccination obligatoire à Air Mauritius : réponse du PM attendue par le Cabin Crew

Les membres du Cabin Crew d’Air Mauritius se disent oubliés par les autorités, car toujours soumis à la vaccination obligatoire contre la Covid-19. Une lettre a été envoyée au Premier ministre, Pravind Jugnauth, depuis le 8 mars, afin qu’une solution soit trouvée. Jusqu’à l’heure, aucune réponse n’a été reçue.

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Même si la Quarantine Act arrive à terme et que les restrictions d’accès aux lieux de travail pour les non-vaccinés ont été assouplies, les membres du Cabin Crew d’Air Mauritius sont toujours soumis à l’obligation de se faire vacciner.

« C’est contradictoire! Notre protocole doit être revu. Aucun pays n’exige de vaccination. Nous voulons juste retrouver notre travail. Certains n’ont plus de salaire depuis septembre l’année dernière », relève Yogita Baboo Rama, présidente d’Air Mauritius Cabin Crew Association, qui réclame des éclaircissements.

A cet effet, ladite lettre a également été envoyée au ministère de la Santé ainsi qu’au State Law Office.

Ci-dessous la lettre du Cabin Crew :

Honorable Pravind Kumar Jugnauth

Prime Minister

Minister of Defense, Home Affairs and External Communications  

Minister of Rodrigues,  

Outer Islands and Territorial Integrity  

Level 6, New Govt. Centre.  



Honorable Prime Minister,

The Air Mauritius Cabin crew Association would like to bring to your attention the fact that over a dozen of Air Mauritius Ltd Cabin crew the majority being WOMEN ,are being denied access to their place of work on the basis of mandatory Covid 19 vaccination without any option of RT-PCR tests since the partial opening of borders on 15 July 2021 till date.

The union wishes to point out that the regulations made under the Quarantine Act 2020 in the Government Gazette of Mauritius No. 94 of 30 June 2022 namely Govt notice 155 of 2022 and GN 277 of 2022 made by the Minister on 10 October 2022 make provisions for an option of RT- PCR test or Covid 19 test for non-vaccinated citizens to get access to their place of work.

A contradiction exists between these two regulations and the Health & Safety Manual of Air Mauritius Ltd( H& S) designed and approved by the MOH&W given that in the updated H& S manual effective as of 26 December 2022, the mandatory vaccination for the crew is still required. Page 36 paragraph 4.9 and page 39 Annex 1 are still in force with regards to vaccination.

Although it is stated in the H& S manual of Air Mauritius ltd that the manual is based on regulation GN 155, no option is provided for non – vaccinated crew to access their place of work and the union wishes to point out this breach that requires your urgent remedial action with the State Law Office.

As you can see our members are being penalized unnecessarily and are on forced leave without pay that is without salary till date even though NO sanitary restrictions are applicable on international borders.

A copy of the relevant pages of the documents is attached to this mail to facilitate your perusal.

Please note that our representation on the subject has been sent to all institutions concerned namely Ministry of Health &Wellness, Ministry of Labor, Air Mauritius Ltd and the State Law Office to redress the matter since 31 January 2023.

A copy was sent to your office on the 6th of February 2023 but till date we have received no reply from any of the institutions.

We are hereby reiterating our request for you to look into the matter so as to prevent discrimination on non -vaccinated citizens. 

The union wishes to draw your attention to the fact that the national airline is recruiting cabin crew and that the vacancy is open to only fully vaccinated citizens. This in itself is discriminatory and against the laws and regulations prevailing in Mauritius as our country promotes vaccination but does not impose vaccination on citizens by giving an option to those who do not wish to do so.

Given that this matter has been ongoing for so long, the union requests your urgent intervention on this Special Day dedicated to Women as the majority of the non -vaccinated crew are single mothers who are the sole bread providers of their home.

Being placed on forced leave without pay for so long and penalized unnecessarily is proving to be a very heavy burden financially.

Awaiting your acknowledgment and course of action with much hope,



Yogita Babboo Rama 

President-Air Mauritius Cabin Crew Association(AMCCA)

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