GOOD ATTRACTS GOOD KARMA : Speak for those that cannot speak

Dear Authorities,
Mauritius is an Island of intrigue. The clear turquoise Indian Ocean hugs the palm-strewn white beaches. Friendly warm smiles invite thousands of tourists from around the world to explore the coastal towns and inland villages between the sea and the many emerald green Sugar Cane fields. To appreciate and savor the flavors of Island dishes, refresh and restore mind and body before heading back to our own residential homes abroad.
Mauritius is a spectacular place that generates a wonderful energy. Unfortunately there is a big and very real sad factor that sucks this wonderful energy to a lower level. Animal lovers around the world are angry. A video and some shocking photographs of the inhumane treatment of precious creatures by a group of unkind humans in an institution that is supposed to be for the good of creatures has hit the media of Facebook, television and newspapers and has spread the word of this very cruel and very wrong situation like wildfire across the globe.
This shocking reveal has triggered a desperate need to rectify the wrong and this included the march on the 28 June 2015 from St Jean.
There is a very simple explanation to energies. Every person, every Animal and Plant is made up of energies. Science proves this. Also proven is that if there is cruelty, evil, human and animal abuse, suffering of any form, the good energy levels WILL diminish rapidly.
This negativity will unbalance and destroy the existing good energy.
A bit like what you sow you shall reap. Good Attracts Good Karma.
All humans, creatures and our environment are important and are worthy of respect.
What raises Good Energy, which is vital for the good of every country is educating all, especially the young.
1.Teaching Love, this conquers much adversity.
(Einstein said Love is the answer, in a letter to his daughter.)
If there were more Love there would be no wars or conflict.
2.  Compassion for Animals
3.  Telling the truth
4.  Integrity
5.  Empathy
6.  To feel worthy
7.  Road Sense
8.  Respect for peoples’ beliefs
9.  Caring for environment
10. Manners
11. Healthy eating

The Government is full of people of power. The citizens voted for these people. They often have a very tough time and are criticized whether their decision was right or wrong. They have to make strong and brave ethical decisions for the good of the people and ultimately the country. Some of These people are heroes. It takes hard work and intelligent decisions to run a content country. To be a country’s hero you have to be brave to do what’s right. I am sure that now that those in government are aware, they will make the correct decisions. It is not just the Government’s duty to sort problems. It’s everyone’s duty to make a stand.
I have written a children’s book called Hope. The book is now in it’s last stages and needs to get printed. I hope to get permission to give one to every child on the Island as a gift…The book is about how important and special we all are. The importance of good living, empathy, honesty etc.
To solve the big animal neglect in the country can most definitely be solved. Sterilization is one of the most important actions. To make sterilization a law would solve so many problems. All dogs must have a collar with a Sterilization tag attached once sterilized. If the lower income folk cannot afford the full payment of sterilizing their animals then there could be a small extra taxing on tourists coming in. This could subsidize the veterinary bills. It is vital for more vets to be permitted to work and get the breeding down to a minimum.
Ignoring this…
Two dogs mating and having puppies and those puppies having their puppies. In five years there could be over sixty thousand dogs wandering the streets in search of food all from just two dogs. It is VERY distressing for the many animal lover tourists to see. It is hard to enjoy the beauty of this place when the evidence of the suffering is everywhere. It is also important that all animal institutions be run by people who care.
I know I am pushing my luck. There could be concrete troughs in every area, built in sensible places to fill up when it rains. Stray dogs could then have access to water. In Europe there are cities that have tall neat environmentally pleasant looking containers filled with dog food pellets also placed in sensible sections where strays can eat. A small factory, subsidized by the government, creating a few jobs to make the pellets.
Pah!!!  Ridiculous some may say.
Know this, the less the suffering, the HIGHER the energies. High energies equal happiness, which in turn attract, in this case, more tourists and most countries rely on tourism. Do a survey, you will find that many tourists hate to see the undernourished dogs. The fed dogs are a pleasure. They are very intelligent too.
No person or animal chooses to be born. Humans can at least speak and make a plan when they are hungry or when they are suffering. How terrible to be an Animal that cannot speak!! They cannot open a fridge for food. They cannot get help when ill and suffering.Hundreds of strays that walk for miles in the heat, thirsty and still having to scavenge for food.
You may scorn me, I often weep
I carry a packet of dry dog pellets wherever I go
I feel their helplessness
I so wish I didn’t.
I LOVE the privilege of visiting this most Beautiful Place
I thank you for allowing me to
I hope to continue
I write this letter with no malice and with a deep respect.
 It is our compassionate human duty to
‘Speak for those that cannot speak.’
This is why I am speaking.

Yours Sincerely.


Your article shows your love for animal and that's being human, reflecting like the most intelligent animal. However I understand that your love for animal is limited to dogs , cats and may be other pets. Therefore it is not meant for all animal. May be if you reflect further whether so much of war and disturbances in the world are at all related to animal slaughter. Just like you saw the video of dogs being mistreated,killed did shock you and anyone sensible.Similarly there is no way you or anyone consuming any animal would ever eat its meat if you see how much the animals suffer, begs through their eyes not to kill them and spare them so much of suffering , just for our tongue pleasure.

Thats not even a debate for seers, but it is for those who are still trying to understand why there is so much of war in the world.

Mauritius is attractive but the Government is always greedy when the question of hard currency is invoked. A British Association is fighting tooth and nail to stop exporting apes from Mauritius to be used in laboratories across the West but of no avail. As for the video that went viral, I find it shameful that people abroad might get the perception that all the citizens are of the same mettle as the butcher in the video. Examples come from above.