La PNQ du leader de l’Opposition a été rejetée par la Clerk de l’Assemblée nationale, le mardi 9 juin.

Les questions adressées au ministre des Finances, Renganaden Padayachy, étaient comme suit :

With regard to the proposed pension reform announced in his budget speech, will he inform the House what are the detailed changes which Government will bring to the universal non-contributory Basic Retirement Pension (BRP), stating also-

(a)when the proposed changes to the BRP will take effect;

(b)to what extent these changes will affect –
(i)the basic invalidity pension;
(ii)widows’ pensions;

(c) the total yearly estimated costs of non-contributory pensions over the next 3 years;

(d) the estimated amount of money which the Contribution Sociale Généralisée (CSG) will contribute to non-contributory pensions in financial year 2023- 2024?