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THE CENTRE POINT PROJECT AT TRIANON : Roupesh & Sanjeev Hematlal ceased to be directors as from April 2008

The article on the Centre Point Project at Trianon that was published in Le Mauricien on Thursday 13th December 2012 conveys the wrong impression that the Hematlals are partners in the said project.
We wish to point out that Messrs Roupesh & Sanjeev Hematlal ceased to be directors and disposed of their shares in Comaprim Co. Ltée in favor of Z&O Properties Ltd as from 2nd April 2008 well before construction of the project was initiated.
Thereafter, HV PROPERTIES (100% Owned by Messrs Hematlal) sold the said piece of land at Trianon to Comaprim Co. Ltée (100% owned by Z&O Properties Ltd.)
All these transactions were done in accordance and in conformity with existing laws and tax regulations and well before construction started.
Copies of the share transfer documents and change of director forms that were duly registered and filed on 4th April 2008 can be counter verified at the REGISTRAR.

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