L’explosion des cas d’infection au Covid-19 dans les dortoirs de Princess Tuna Mauritius continue de susciter l’indignation et la colère. La General Workers Federation (GWF), par le truchement d’Ashok Subron, a soumis quatre demandes urgentes en faveur des travailleurs étrangers dans une lettre adressée au Premier ministre, Pravind Jugnauth, après les développements du week-end.

D’abord, Ashok Subron s’en prend directement au gouvernement, vu les risques de propagation du virus en confinant des travailleurs dans des dortoirs transformés en foyers du Covid-19. « Is it your blind obedience to the economic oligarchs, local and international, that have prompted you to put the lives of people at risk? Or is it, because these “migrant workers lives does not matter” or their lives worth “less” than others? » note le négociateur de la GWF. Et d’ajouter : « Are migrant workers dormitories becoming like the old days “dan kan” of sugar oligarchs, reminiscent of slavery and bonded indentured labour, where our fore fathers-mothers used to live and die? Can you have descended that low? Is this the prelude of the “new normal” you are planning for us, working class, where our lives do not matter, but profits of the rich do? »

Dans la conjoncture, les quatre demandes de la GWF sont :

– That you and your government forthwith apologise to the people and workers of Mauritius and all migrant workers in Mauritius for the gross prejudices caused to Thon de Mascareignes (Princess Tuna) workers;

– That you forthwith order that all migrant workers dormitories declared as Red Zones, not be used as Quarantine Centers for self “isolation”;

– That all migrant employees be henceforth put in official and proper Quarantine Centers, like all Mauritians, when medically required after Contact Tracing exercise;

– That the State charge the employers of migrant workers for any medical fee, including Quarantine costs, incurred as a result of Covid-19 sanitary measures.