Please refer to the article which appeared in Le Mauricien of Thursday 1 August 2013, with heading « L’ingénieur Jootun du CEB succombe à une électrocution ».
In the said article, mention is made of a statement by M. Balraj Narroo, Chairman of the CEB, on the accident, as follows :
« Ces techniciens avaient pour Assignment de réparer un disjoncteur sur la ligne de 22 00 KV qui avait fauté ».
We wish to informe you that M. Narroo had, at no time, stated that the CEB Technicians had been delegated to the Line Barracks Substation to carry out repairs on a faulty Circuit-Breaker on the 22 KV line.
In all statements made to the Press, M. Narroo had declared that, following the accident at line Barracks Substation, one engineer had been electrocuted and the other two employees who had sustained injuries had been taken to the hospital. He had also highlighted that a Board of Enquiry would be set up to determine the exact causes of the accident.
In this respect, it would be appreciated if a « mise au point » could be made in your next edition for the enlightenment of your readers.
Yours faithfully
P. Sembhoo
AG. Secretary to the Board