Me Anil Gayan, SC, a fait parvenir une lettre en date du 24 février au sujet du programme de formation sur le “cybercrime” que compte donner l’Union européenne. Celle-ci a en effet offert deux places aux avocats mauriciens.
« The Mauritius Bar has a membership of of 600 plus and the MBA has asked the barristers to indicate whether they would attend the training course which will be held at the DPP’s Office. The number of places kindly allocated by the DPP to the Bar is 5. This is highly disproportionate when the number of barristers who may be interested in following the training programme might run into the hundreds. Although the European Union deals primarily with the Government still it has a duty to deal with the country as a whole when the issue of professional empowerment is concerned. Otherwise there may be problems about its being accused of having a disegard for equality of treatment… May I request you to consider organizing a similar programme for the Mauritius legal profession at large », dit l’avocat dans sa correspondance. Rappelons que Me Gayan est un ancien ministre des Affaires étrangères.