Never, since its independence, has Paradise Island been at such a crossroad that has all the necessary ingredients to threaten not only its political, economic, social and administrative fabrics and activities and performance, but also its very survival as a peaceful, potentially resourceful, economically viable and politically a stable and respected developing island nation with a geopolitical asset and clout that are the envy of a lot of emerging and developing countries. And this critical situation has been created by two men whose respective ambition and thirst for power know no bounds and have not only perverted the very foundation and basic principles of democracy, but they have corrupted the legitimate activities and working of a duly democratically elected parliament for months. Those two men do not deserve the titles conferred upon them for having been legally elected to fulfill the mandate of their respective constituents as they have failed bitterly to respect the wishes of the majority of their respective loyal followers. They have both lost much more than any legitimacy in what they are seeking so perversely to achieve. They have lost any credibility in convincing the majority of the people that what they are doing is for the good of the country. The people are not duped anymore. They have been deceived and they will not take it anymore. They can read in between the lines and can draw their own conclusion as to what is really transpiring. And our hope is that they will be inspired to let those two leaders feel their anger, disappointment and frustration and give them the kind of treatment they so fully deserve at the next general elections.