I was born in 1960. I have nice memories of Mauritians. I was born with no caste or race prejudice, I am lucky. I was allowed to grow up, reason for myself and learn the hard way. I was not priviledged and thus I was brought up well. I earned my way through life, thanks to my values. I am within a few exceptions in MAURITIUS!
Let me explain.
Parents grow kids to be their own dreams. You will be a doctor, You will be a lawyer, You will be a Prime Minister! Parents have remained in the colonial mindset, seek favours, protect the clan, BE tribal. Parents are selfish, controlling, and harm their own. Over what, why? Simple.
Most of us come from poor stock. Most of us remain poor. A fact we deny!
Thus we are trapped between the past hurts of history and the need to better ourselves, NOT SELF. We chase money, we chase power, We chase greed forgetting values.
2015 Mauritius, Racist, Communal, Complexed, Selfish, Self-gratifying,
At 55, am I not right?
This country is decaying, we all know! Yet why do you not care? Because US MAURITIANS Are bigoted, selfish, colonial,
Souls trying to get RICH.
At the cost of our  MORALS, VALUES, OUR  SELVES.
Once a coolie,
Always a coolie!
Forget politics in this TRAGEDY.