As a New Year Commences
Let’s look back on the last
Mourning it’s ‘death’

Benoit Adolphe

With our flags at half mast

We could mention the
Thunbergs, Johnsons and Trumps
But our island itself
Had its fair share of jumps

How not to kick-off
With the Island Ocean Games
A testament of the blood
That flows in our veins

An island came together
In the space of ten days
Commonly rising
Above our usual slays

Next came the Pope
On a short but sweet visit
Showing the power
That one man can elicit

Adorning the streets
From Plaisance to Port Louis
Without creed or colour
Nor via a decree

All this elation
Impossible to sustain?
The wave came down crashing
That’s the name of the game

You may have guessed the culprit.
Behind such a crash
The General Elections
Upon us in a Flash

The ‘Gates’ escalated
Without show for remorse
To win power at all costs
The aim of the course

Although all the dust
Has not settled yet
Lepep Admirab has
Other troubles to beget

One of these attractions
That are there to see
The Metro Express
A complete new scenery
Some said we were destined
To doom and to gloom
Against all these odds
We blossom and we bloom

A small island nation
About a half century old
Continuing its amazing growth
To Lo and Behold…