On July 10th, our under-17 female national soccer team was trounced 9-0 by Comores. According to Le Mauricien (July 11th), our representatives to the CJSOI tournament were overwhelmed “technically and tactically” in a one-directional match.
Two days later, the jury in the Michaela Hart murder trial reached an unequivocal 9-0 “not guilty” verdict due to the lack of “technical and tactical” evidence.
Far from being coincidental, these two episodes actually reflect a general ill in our society. Many institutions operate anyhow (or “n’importe” according to our local lingo) due to a confluence of factors straddling inappropriate recruitment and formation, uncaring and unprofessional mindsets (“foupamal”) and thick-skinned attitudes towards a lack of results.
ICAC is foremost in this hit-parade of mediocrity. In 10 years of existence, it has yet to claim a headline conviction. It has only caught a few “ti million” fishes while the big fishes appear to swim in and out of its net freely. What is the chance of any conviction emerging from its Medpoint inquiry ? Another 9-0 drubbing looks more likely.
The recent annual report from the Auditor General is yet another testimonial to our mediocrity with millions of our tax money wasted in individual largesse, over-run projects or just plain larceny.
Our institutions are in dire need of a complete overhaul starting from rigorous recruitment and formation and ending with accountability. Only then, can we ever hold our heads up.
The PM has stated his “Faites de moi un président avec tous les pouvoirs et je change tout !” but as the one fronting our institutions, he has yet to provide “technical and tactical” evidence that he will indeed deliver.