With a new dawn, I open my eyes.

To contemplate paradise and

smell the scent and freshly turned soil.

Birds chirping on decade old trees.

No more a reality because we are moving towards technology.

No more will I see the generous Flamboyant;

In the name of innovation and rapid transport.

No more can I enjoy the shades of blue.

Crashing against rocks of our history.

Climate change is no doubt a reality

But losing our beaches to hawks is no myth.

No more can I breathe fresh air.

Cars are sprouting up like mushrooms;

so are toxic tenders.

Tenders paid for, from our blood and sweat.

Fear in my heart, if I voice out;

Blood and bullets are the answer.

Corpses are falling from the sky;

For no reason or so many reasons.

No more can I cherish my paradise.

In the hope of a new dawn,

I am waiting for a knight; not with a plastic sword.

Because the pen is indeed mightier.

Unfairness, corruption and tailor-made recruitments

are our breakfast.

No choice we have, with the enemy outside the door.

My heart beating at the cost of my life.

Condemned we are together.

Awaiting for a new dawn and the saviour.

I have remained a mere puppet ;

in the hands of the string master.

Security is now a joke and

Suicide is a new normal.


Awaiting for a knight while forgetting that power is in our hands.

My wake-up call with four colours is a new dawn.