Mighty Lord of the Universe,

Whose loving grace knows no bounds,

Do accept this humble prayer,

Let there be no distress around;

Let the COVID new pandemic,

Which has been afflicting many a folk,

Sounding enormous death knells

Of both young and strong, weak and old,

And crippling economic life

Across every continent,

Let this pervasive pandemic

No more constitute a menace

For survival of the human race,

So that each man may life sustain

And decent respect for nature

Be not words that are dull and vain;

Where there is perennial warfare,

Do restore permanent peace

That man at ease may stand and stare,

And no innocent child may die;

Where there is grief and suffering,

Bring in your solace and relief,

That no man ever keeps languishing

And no widow may despair and cry;

Where there are folks in awful need,

Do lend a helping hand with heed,

That no man may just go to bed

Without a daily loaf of bread;

Where there is hatred and dislike,

Usher in love and amity,

That no two beloved soul may

Nurture hate and enmity;

Where there is falsehood and darkness,

Restore the truth and your brightness,

That from the rightful path of truth,

No man may err and stray away;

Where there is glaring injustice,

Usher in your divine balance;

Where there is flagrant oppression,

Spread the message of tolerance;

Wherever there is division,

Sow the pure seeds of unity

That there is no crucial divide

At the level of a nation.

Where there is a rift among men,

Do build an everlasting bridge

That one and all human being,

Of every caste and every creed,

Of every race and religion,

Irrespective of his own deed,

May with each other meet at ease

And live in peace and harmony

And in divine serenity.