The following is the edited transcript of a documentary  produced by the Media Education Foundation on the notion of Tough Guise, i.e. Violent, Media and the Crisis in Masculinities. It is produced by Sut Jhally, the Director of the Centre. The main contents of the documentary features an interview by Jackson Katz, an Anti-Violence educator who has worked on the problem of masculinities and violence in American society.
However, because a lot of what he says are very pertinent to Mauritian society as well, a society  at the crossroads of many discourses of  cultures, where we function in a  mould in refusing to address notions of violent masculinities as the very problem which in recent days, months, years has led to an innumerable spate of horrific violence against women, for all these reasons we have chosen to bring you the transcript of the documentary in order to make available the insights here provided so as to help us in this debate about construction of masculinities in Mauritian society, in which no one wants to enter.
The documentary is interspaced with many extracts from films. We will provide only such extracts as are relevant to push forward the argument of Jackson Katz: