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Add all the morning chilling news to define the psyche

No surprise, in the past, our ancestors woke up early and prayed before sunrise. Quite apart from the religious aspect ; there was also the psychological side. Which in turn determined the mind and behaviour throughout the day.
And then, world over, people always pray the rising sun and never the setting one. Why ? To start the day on a highly positive note. And in a confident mood and congenial atmosphere ! In truth, that controlled their minds, deep feelings, attitudes as well as demeanour all day long.
Little wonder then that there is truth in this age-old conventional wisdom- “all ends well that starts well.” In the sixteenth century, Shakespeare invented a new twist “all’s well that ends well.” As a matter of fact : How you start the day -counts a lot in the final tally – to decide how you end it. Isn’t it ? If the morning is optimistic and relaxed, it will have positive cumulative effects on the rest of the day.
With that background, we now come to the main active ingredients of Mauritian mornings these days. In large part, they all contribute to the end-product at the end of the day. Just as each and every good ingredient-combined in the frying pan-produces the final rich, strong and delicious flavour ; once on your plate.
The morning mood should be one of confidence and optimism
All said, it’s the sum total of our morning mental and physical conditions that determines the day’s end-result. And when added together at the end of the week or month or year-the total of the attitudes will in effect control, decide and shape our human psyche.
So, it goes without saying that bad elements of the morning will de facto produce bad results. And the sum total of the pleasant conditions will inevitably generate good outcome. Nothing less. And nothing more. That’s absolutely certain ! Add all the 1.3 million mornings of the population to have an idea of the mental and physical state of our country : But bear in mind that the grand total of thorns and negatives can never yield honey. If so, I’ll be the most shocked ! Therefore : The mood of the morning is the key to failure or success.
Here comes the rub against that long but meaningful backdrop. Pray, forgive, I’ve been repetitive purposefully and purposely. What is the daily morning recipe on the radios or in the newspapers ? Answer : Bad or frightening news. All are awash with all sorts of crimes-some as violent as horrific and dreadful ! On the menu are criminal activities related to corruption, drug, street, corporate, property, sex, hate and what not.
Nonetheless, hold your fire : The bad news headlines all take a turn for the worse because they are often transformed into sensational media discoveries. Why ? To create interesting, exciting and surprising sensation in their audience. Because competition is intense, brutal and wild in the media. Positive and welcome news ? Deliberately sidelined and relegated !
Morning frightening news a recipe for disaster
Day in, day out, it’s the same sad and fearful old story that sets off the alarm to wake us all. As if only terrible news counts and weighs heavily in their favour. All told, these days, sensationalism is King. It’s the priority of media’s priorities !
Each morning recipe ? You are greeted with bad and dreadful news. Our children are dangerously exposed to these daily high levels of bad news radiation. Question arises : How to protect them and yourself ? The answer is simple : Don’t listen to and don’t read local news. Film-makers officially rate their films-G/U/PG/X/etc. Is it not now time to rate the news bulletins, too, so that children of a particular age are protected ? Of course that’s not possible ! There is only one easy solution : Just don’t listen to and don’t read the news of the morning.
Notwithstanding, hold your horses : The press people do not themselves invent the criminal activities, cases, behaviour or damage. We are only blaming some of them for having bad news disproportionately overblown. For concentrating only on the thorns rather than the rose. For consistently telling, the public that the glass is half empty instead of half full. For helping to create a whole generation of frustrated naysayers. For instilling an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and instability. Of course, freedom of the press has its own self-regulated limitations. And that : To better serve and protect the ends of democracy !
After all, who are the people responsible for this dreadful atmosphere ? In the dock, are the current Government and all the law-enforcement authorities. As the Minister of Interior, the Prime Minister cannot shirk responsibility. Up to now, most of his mercenary “transfuges “advisers have been hopeless. The Police – responsible for law and order – are understaffed, overstretched and demotivated. Frustration is rife because of too many political interferences-especially when it comes to transfers, rewards, recognition and promotions. It’s high time to instill confidence into the force and give them all the necessary up-to-date tools to fight crimes of all sorts. Problems are Mauritian. Solutions should also be Mauritian. And not Singaporean ! Hopefully, another opinion paper will throw more light upon.
The villains behind each morning dreadful news headlines
Hypocrisy aside, there are some other silent sinners responsible for the breeding grounds for criminal activities. CHIEF AMONG THEM ARE : the world economic downturn + the two-tiered irrational economic development which is churning out more and more poor people + the new Mauritian selfish mentality to earn quick and easy money + the arrogance, ivory tower, blinkered attitude and cheap mentality of the decision-makers “godsend” across the divide + the mercenary and mercantile “transfuges” Kingdom of the partisan political class.
Thence : Don’t be scared at all to name, blame and shame all the local and external villains and their active and passive accomplices-for starting your day on a negative tone and in a frightening climate.
And finally : Decision-makers, hear my urgent appeal. Sit down calmly like the Buddha. Think of the mathematician who invented how to add numbers to calculate their total. Likewise, add all the bad, shocking, bloodcurdling and alarming morning news headlines in the frying pan. What will be the grand total ? A lethal cocktail for disaster. Yet, the worse is just round the corner with the incoming recession.
Hence : Wake up and take the bull by the horns before it is too late. More important pressing appeal this time though- to all Mauritian citizens : X-rate all the morning news for one and all. For indeed, the morning mood should be one of confidence and optimism. Our ancestors were not wrong to insist for it !
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