In the deleterious climate of organized manipulation and systematic conflicts, I wonder if this land deserves to be ruled by a government or through law and order. Even if that government were to be constituted of the most virtuous and right-minded people. I believe the battle seems lost. We have almost crossed the Rubicon in terms of values and common love for our country. Our actions appear more and more grotesquely at loggerhead with our slogans and populist rhetoric in favour of patriotism, social justice, ethics and integrity. We are all on course to ‘protez nou montagn’ and interest/agenda/ego foremost. Come what may!  If that is our conditioned reflexes in any moment of crisis, in what way then are we different from all those unscrupulous masters and élites who keep ruling over us? In truth, are we not being programmed by some forces (mercenary-like benefactors, sycophants or self-indulgent ideologues) to be complacently blissful on a journey to anarchy and chaos?
Every day we see lawbreakers and fraudsters using their money, position or affinities/networks to whip up popular passion via public opinion platforms in order to impose their agendas. To get away unscathed with whatever wrongdoing and, thereby, force anything illegal and immoral to  become legal  and acceptable in  our  midst.
Justice, truth and compassion have become mere slogans that can be brandished to act as great alibi to justify any crime or lawlessness. And, various opinion leaders, lobbyists and ringleaders of rabble-rouser organizations have self-appointed themselves as representatives of the people. For politicians, party interest and leader-worship have become more important than serving the collective national interests and ethos. Same goes for many individuals, workers’/citizens’ organizations, communities, religious leaders and fanatics in this country. Whenever an issue arises, sanity is lost because vested, communal and parochial interests should take precedence in all debates. A powerful minority from all walks of life or ideologies would hijack public opinion to unleash its venom and anarchist narratives and impose its agenda on the silent majority. See the flood of invectives and hatred around us. Everywhere! Those who can shout the loudest or display the most violent behaviour and menace can hold any authority to ransom. Popular and populist passion is allowed to run free and cloud the substance /essence and rationality behind any critical issue. This is how this country is being run for decades. As if there is no room or concern to analyze issues dispassionately, in  a spirit of consensus that upholds our collective higher interests and priorities rather  than  succumbing through greed or by force of unwarranted pressures to partisan /parochial  interests. When it is not the self-serving sosiokiltirel, it would be taxi-marons, squatters and all other ‘marons’ who are convinced they are entitled to legal status if they can shout loud enough to threaten the authorities, devoid of authority, into submission.
This is democracy in Mauritius! Divide & Rule. Forever through the strategy of consolidating vote banks and hijacking the public opinion sphere.  Serving the nation? … Is that compatible with addiction to power?   
‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. This seems to be the shared favourite lyrics of all our mainstream politicians and institutions.