As we watch the ‘Angus Road Saga’ unfold, we, the common people, are somewhat at a loss to determine whether we are witnessing a ‘tragi-comedy’, an ‘opéra comique’, or even a ‘Hitchcock thriller’, inasmuch as almost every week or so for a while a new element surfaces that whips, as it were, the suspense!

But one thing, nevertheless, stands out clear – the more Pravind Jugnauth accentuates his stance to defend his ‘honour and integrity’ as he himself put it – not only his acknowledged right but also his duty given his status and the gravity of the accusation -, posing as the victim of an allegedly well-orchestrated ‘complot’, the more the accusers appear to go for the kill, coming forward with new pieces of the puzzle – Bhadain seemingly to dance to the tune of ‘tipa tipa li avanse’ – or painstakingly underlying the discrepancies or other inexactitudes in the accused arguments to confute his detractors. And to put it simply, a string of lies according to the accusers, while the accused makes no secret he will demolish the accusations neat and clean.

But, be that as it may, in this war of attrition, with it load of ‘rebuttals and surrebutttals’, so to speak, the truth will finally come out. Furthermore, it rumples that the related institutions, in the eyes of any right-minded and uncommitted person, do not appear to be reacting in the manner one would have expected given this high-profile case.

While in the meantime we are only down to ‘manz pistas get sinema’, in expectation of more peppered elements, on either side, and reminding that one ‘can fool everybody for some of the time, but not everybody for all of the time’. Qui se sent morveux se mouche!                           

December, 2020