Anjalay Coopen

Oh! Fearless hearted Anjalay, you are

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our marvellous Tamil wealth.

We are heartily venerating you

with flowers that bloom from our bosom.

Till the veins of Mauritius are

still articulating bravely, we

salute your priceless services

with words, mind and actions.

You begged for some more salt

to be added in the labourers’ rice-soup

but the cruel patron found it faulty

and shot on your golden bosom.

Until sugarcane bears its sweetness

your famous works will remain alive and

you will stand like a mountain.

The blood that you poured out will chant

poetry. Dearest lady! You have been blessed

by Pandit Perumal, most honourably.

You are placed on the hill top of glory.

We praise you for an everlasting fame.

Soopaya Poinen*

* Born on the 23rd September 1926, Soopaya Poinen was a self-taught Tamil scholar, Poet, Playwright, Radio and Television Presenter. All his life, he was motivated by this precious advice from his guru, Pandit Rengasamy: “Like we sow seeds and they grow up to give beautiful flowers, go and sow these seeds of our Tamil language”. He headed the latter’s advice till the end and went on to form several generations of Tamil teachers. Soopaya Poinen’s poem on Anjalay Coopen was originally written in Tamil and is being published for the first time in his own english translation. He died at the venerable age of 90 years old on the 3rd September 2017.

The Tamil version of this poem in honour of  Anjalay Coopen was dictated by the author  Soopaya Poinen to his niece Vanida Ramen

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