For some the New Year well-wishes will have borne fruit, with rich pickings along the way. Some bitterness there would have been, but the sweetness would have beguiled and lingered.
Sanguineness and optimism would have abounded. But taken to excess, the result could have been seeing the world rather through rose-tinted spectacles, such as there being little to worry about the surrounding unseemliness, the despoiling of nature, the sullying of the environment, indigence overlooked by indulgence, strife suffered unobserved or unfelt by those in the sanctum of peace, skulduggery in high places going on apace, unchecked or uncheckable.
The building of a better world order is left to the privileged few, with sagacity and good sense at a premium, so much so that, notwithstanding enlightened self-interest, multitudes would wish to somehow feel buoyed up.
Realpolitik , alas, always wins the day, regardless of irrefutable facts and obdurate realities. But, even despots can be benevolent; the lure of lucre, the enticements of short-term gratifications being overpowering, enough to sway the mind, engage soul and spirit, lock, stock and barrel. Truth itself is obfuscated, in the farrago of fakery. The danger is, like tangibles, truth is being commoditised, bartered, bought and sold in the market place of ideas, nay ideologies.
Like the fall of empires, uncompromising and corrosive prerogatives will have their days of reckoning, the egregious abuses of power their ‘comeuppance’ find.
Below the glare of the radar, quiet lives have gone on, and will go on, in blissful or not so blissful anonymity. Peace-making and philanthropy have endured and will endure.
And hope remains for a better year to come, with greater promises of miracles and lesser horrors.