Dev Virahsawmy

Some people with budding political ambition and other media stars see and want to see local politics as a duel between two ‘dynasties’, meaning TWO families who have been in the forefront of active politics as opposed to armchair political ‘know-all’ observers. They assume that there is no other way of assessing the present situation and think that the Vaish Lords will always lead and non-Vaish ambition must play second fiddle and seek Vaish ‘pagri and dhoti’ to hide their non-Vaishness. The MMM leader is an outstanding exemplar of this outlook.

We never see the wood for the trees. The hidden reality is what we must find. Neoliberalism today rules the world with its Trump, Macron, Narendra Modi, Bolsonaro and new converts ranging from right of centre to far right. Does this mean there is no alternative? Should we ignore Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn or Yanis Varoufakis? If destructive neoliberal ideology occupies a dominant position AT PRESENT, it does not mean that progressive politics is dead. The new international progressive movement is already gathering momentum.

In the Maritime Republic of Mauritius, the fight may appear as one between two ‘dynasties’ but, in fact, it is between neoliberals and progressives. Neoliberal politicians of the MSM coop are unconditional vassals of BIG MONEY here and elsewhere; they subscribe to the ‘little India’ myth to be in the good books of the sectarian, retrograde and repulsive Modi; people for them are mere commodities to be bought and sold; they think global warming and climate change are inventions of deranged minds. The progressive MLP belongs to the social-democratic or Fabian-socialist tradition and is a proponent of economic democracy, social justice putting people first and Maurice, Ile Durable.

Local and foreign big money are dead against Navin Ramgoolam and are behind the scheme to have him replaced by a neoliberal. Fighting against neoliberalism outside and resisting it inside is the duty of all progressives. What will MMM and PMSD do? Berenger is fishing for a ‘Medpoint-Bis’ even if he were to become a ‘half-ration’ INTERIORLESS PM for some months. Xavier Duval wants his cake and eat it – the best of both worlds.
Progressives must decide what they want.