Arrogance, pride and vanity: values that are unbeknown to most Mauritians but inherited by a select few on the forefront of the political scene.  After all, not everyone can afford to flaunt these values surely.  Not everyone is classy enough for that.  But eventually, you know what? We are imbibed with the same biological functions.  Whether we eat caviar or dhal, drink water or ‘Blue Label’ whisky, we all end up doing the same thing.  That is the true wonder of our basic biological functions; uniting people.  
Smearing yourself with the most expensive perfume cannot save you from the stench of dishonesty. Try as much as you want, the odour cannot be dissimulated.  Reputation, once ruined, is ruined forever.  The carefully built-up public image that we project, that takes years to build, can go away at the snap of a finger.  It is so easy.  One split second and it is gone, like shattered glass. No amount of glue can make things wholesome again.  When we shall be lying on our deathbeds, awaiting the moment to leave this world, no amount of class can make us immortal.  No amount of class can turn back time. Is this the legacy we want to leave behind? Is this how we want to be remembered? In this case, it is better to be materially poor but spiritually rich.  It is better to be remembered as a ‘good’ human being with a kind and honest heart rather than a selfish, disloyal and dishonest being.  
It might be nice to be the talk of the town but without true class, it is not worth it. There is simply the bite of the karmic cycle. And no amount of class can set things right then.