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Aret aval koulev Ramgoolam !

Dear electorate, don’t be so credulous as to swallow everything Navin Ramgoolam tells you. In case you have forgotten, I am going to jog your memory. Remember what he promised you in July, 2005 – “mo pou sanz ou la vie dan 100 zour !  » Vous, le peuple admirable believed him and voted him back to business. How could you be so naïve to believe that Ramgoolam held a magic wand to change your lives within three months ? He saw in you a gullible electorate who still believed in Santa Claus, and thus easy to manipulate. He only fooled you into believing that he would change your lives, and you trusted him. Meanwhile, everything has moved from bad to worse, and your lives which he promised to change within 100 days “inn vinn margoz.”
The other day he has the cheek to ask you after the crushing Annual Audit Report “Faites de moi un président avec tous les pouvoirs et je changerai tout !” Are you going to let him fool you again that he will change everything for the better if you vote him president with full powers ? When you cast your votes for the next General Elections, send him an SMS – “sat boir dile so enn sel foi.”
Anyhow the cartoon of Deven T in Le Mauricien (Friday, 13th July) is highly imaginative – “sanz tou ar toi, apré mo fer toi vine president !” Anyone who knows Navin Ramgoolam must have tipped his hat to Deven T for his imagination which has thrown into sharp relief the real design of Navin to become the president of the Republic with full powers !
His dearest dream is to upgrade his own status from primeministership to presidency with full powers to be among the great leaders, especially when he goes abroad. Since some time now it has been his dearest dream, not to say his obsession to become the president of the Republic with executive powers.
But the country does not need a new type of president. What the country is crying for is a new prime minister who really means business, who has at heart the socio-economic development of the country, who will give the people a healthy society where law and order prevails. Today there is a pervading mood of fear and insecurity in the country.
Meanwhile, let our dear Prime Minister dream of his presidency with full powers until the rude awakening of the General elections which will turn his dream into nightmare. Aret aval so koulev, kamarad !

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