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Arvin Fares Very Poorly On Labour DNA


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Let’s consider three core values of the Labour Party which have helped produced extraordinary results specially between 1968-82. 1. The use of an excellent constitution and the FPTP system. He is for proportional presentation (PR) which is something the LP and Mauritius have always been against. Arvin was also very quiet in 2014 when the MMM and the LP tried to transform Mauritius into a banana republic. Not taking a stand did not prevent him from seeing a 6-term winning streak in riding no. 11 come to an end. One of the reasons voters like our FPTP system is that it has provided us with stable government after stable government.

Something which is less likely to prevail with another dose of PR. Ask Rodrigues, Angela Merkel, Italy and the Netherlands. 2. Progressive taxation. He is for low taxes. Boolell doesn’t seem to understand the difference between low and progressive taxes like they were before Sithanen messed them up and the 15% flat tax. The latter had already caused a GDP gap of 1.2 trillion rupees – that’s 1,200 billions – by the end of last December. And record inequality. It’s also kind of contradictory for him to say that trickle-down economics doesn’t work and at the same time be all for it. 3. Building strong teams. While he has mentioned currency depreciation as one of the failings of the Lepep government one might believe that if he was given the chance he would appoint a progressive Governor at the BoM. But that might just be an illusion as he seems to like the sugar industry way too much.

A very regressive attitude. He penned a couple of articles recently where he asked for help for that sunset industry – the contribution of sugar to the economy is expected to be only 0.8% in 2018. There is only so much government can do. If it is going to throw money after a dead industry how will it roll back problems like the lack of opportunities for our youth and tackle other national priorities? Bad decisions will not put Mauritius in a position to have a stronger currency which is a great wealth lever. Overall Mr. Boolell seems to have little in common with the kind of values of the Labour Party that have produced legendary results. It’s not a surprise then that less than two out of ten electors in riding no.18 voted for him.

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