Dare ask the right questions about the individuals begging for your votes at this critical juncture. What makes them CREDIBLE and are the PROMISES they are splashing out AFFORDABLE & SUSTAINABLE for our country? Ask them HOW & WHY? Contrary to the media, don’t feel embarrassed to question them about their PERSONAL VALUES and INTEGRITY and certainly about proof of their ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT in favour of the great issues afflicting our society. Not just during the electoral campaign, but also prior and in their day to day life, ask them about injustice, inequality, corruption, youth & their future, unemployment, drugs/delinquency, the environment, public morality & ethics etc.

Yes, there are so many issues on which you can test all those who are seeking or begging for your votes on the eve of the general elections. Don’t be economical or embarrassed to ask them (and their chamchas, stooges, mercenaries or well-meaning agents) what have they all been doing in favour of any of the issues mentioned above while they or their leaders were in power or when they were out of power.

Politics, whether when we are in government or not, cannot be simply about endless rhetoric, soundbites and image management gimmicks. It’s high time we dare scrutinize the track records of those aspiring to be our representatives in Parliament. Whether they really have the compassion, moral compass and firsthand knowledge of the realities of the common people OR are they just Friday Happy Hour boys and girls who, due to a certain patrimony, professional title attached to their names or proximity with a leader SUDDENLY discover that they are invested with the divine mission to SERVI MO PEI.

Yes, there are even some among those opportunistic and unscrupulous yuppies who will not hesitate to dress up as sathi savitris, swamis or nuns etc… to lull the rudderless multitude that our democracy more often is…. just to win a vote and grab power to assuage the longings of all their basic instincts.

I believe it’s normal for an outgoing government to be put on the hotspot prior and during an electoral campaign. It’s got to present and defend its ‘Bilan’ and Performance in all key areas versus its initial electoral pledge. Without fear or favour! Nonetheless, I find it totally biased for some media and opinion leaders to make us completely oblivious of the track-records & performance of the other contenders who previously held power. In whatever field … especially with regard to corruption, nepotism and blatant abuse of power through autocratic style of leadership.

 No doubt through the demagogical narratives ubiquitous from all sides and media driving us into the amnesic mode about the fundamental dimensions of values and credibility of the candidates and their ‘programmes’, a huge number of voters will again vote either with their TONGUE or their FOOT. Very few will dare vote with their CONSCIENCE.

UN VOTE CONTRE UN GOUVERNEMENT… PAS POUR UNE MEILLEURE ÎLE MAURICE ! In perpetuating this fatality and striking a bargain with the devil for the nth time, I am afraid, the future of this country will be jeopardized forever. There’s no turning back this time. Who to blame then? Act in haste, repent at leisure!

My only hope is that there is a collective awakening to ensure that our votes go to worthy individuals…. to competent people, but foremost with a high sense of integrity and patriotism. Which would ensure we have a stable & competent government but also a strong and credible Opposition in Parliament.

What has failed this country over the years is certainly poor governance and government, but also damningly the mediocre performance of our checks and balances institutions. Inside Parliament as well as Outside. Do the fact-checking for your own guidance.