In a fast-paced and increasingly impersonal world, where time is of essence and stress levels are reaching new heights, it is easy to lose track of the deep, invisible bond that transcends barriers and connects all of us, humans. We are all so focused on our own ambitions that we force ourselves to perpetually compete with each other, trying to prove our worth. We strive to have the best of everything to show that we have finally made it, that we are successful by having the latest material comfort at our fingertips. Unfortunately, the smile that should have come naturally to us has become somewhat of a grimace, something that is buried into the abyss of the exponential wants that so characterise our modern lifestyle. We have become nothing short of self-absorbed beings, locked in a self-indulgent, egoistic bubble.

For us to be human again, we need to burst this toxic bubble of uncontrollable hedonism. This is where the value of a smile can help brighten an otherwise lacklustre humanity which has detached itself from what makes it intrinsically human. Little things we take for granted such as ‘Good morning’ or ‘Have a good day’ can have a meaningful impact, to show that we care and that others matter too. Acknowledging the other means acknowledging our own selves as persons with empathy and compassion.

An encouraging word and a helping hand are the greatest tools to help repair the edifice of humanity. That cannot happen unless we dare take the tiny steps towards healing the cracks caused by covetousness, selfishness and corruption that have desensitised and fragmented us, of late. Time to rip off the masks and reveal the human heart hidden behind facades. It is time, to be human, once again…