The absence of Paul Bérenger in the National Assembly was keenly felt, even those on the other side of the House tacitly acknowledge it. “On ne remplace pas un Paul Bérenger au Parlement”, be it as leader of the Opposition or as a simple parliamentarian. We have missed his verve, verbal skills and his ripost. Alan Ganoo did his best to fill the post of the Leader of the Opposition during his absence, and was no doubt equal to the task. “Mais un Paul Bérenger reste un Paul Bérenger à son poste”. On ne remplace pas un Lionel Messie ou un Cristiano Ronaldo facilement. “Et ce n’est pas Alan Ganoo qui nous dira le contraire”.
Paul Bérenger has definitely left his mark as an illustrious parliamentarian by his remarkable intervention which usually gives a tough time to those on the other side of the House. His opponents do not like him because he is a thorn in their flesh.
The come-back of Paul Bérenger as the Leader of the Opposition is most welcomed not only in the Party but also among the party supporters. All his followers prayed for his health and his return to Parliament. It is unimaginable to imagine MMM without Paul Bérenger. With the cascade of scandals which have rocked the country along with a socio-economic climate which is moving from bad to worse, the return of Paul Bérenger to the National Assembly is more than salutary. The opposition Party in Parliament will be fortified and reinvigorated, and with the many dossiers which will transmit the National Assembly, his intervention regarding them will bring a lot of enlightenment.
With Paul Bérenger back in the Assembly the debate will be livelier, more pertinent and more enlightening. A strong opposition in Parliament is a must. It stands as a bulwark against any abuse of power, and see that there is no deviation on the part of the government. It is the parliament watchdog to see that those at the helm stay on course.
So the incompetents on the bench of government, especially the ministers who do not master their subject have interest in doing their homework and be on their qui vive to avoid having a rough time if ever their ministry comes under fire because ZORRO is back to business.