(Educator at Bhujoharry College, Rose-Belle)

“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students” – Solomon Ortiz. In a year like no other, students have successfully overcome the many challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, including school closures and adapting to this “new normal” – online teaching/learning to gain their qualifications. This is a fantastic achievement and this shows that students’ dedication to their studies over the past year bore its fruits. Educators and parents can be incredibly proud of what they have contributed to help students attain the best academic performance. These results are certainly the outcome of the hard work of all involved, often in very challenging circumstances.

Madarbokus Muhammad Uzair, student of Bhujoharry College, Rose Belle is the perfect example to show that one doesn’t have to be born special to be successful. Passing with flying colours at Cambridge School Certificate level with 6 distinctions, he shows that school name does not matter; the keys to success are hard work and discipline. Grades are neither a reflection of intelligence nor ability but are simply a reflection of perseverance, motivation and particularly hard work. The motto of Bhujoharry College is that Grades AREN’T everything! Prioritizing learning in a holistic manner is the key to success. Shifting from traditional (perennialism and essentialism) to contemporary pragmatic philosophies of education (progressivism, re-constructivism and existentialism), we make learning fun. With fun comes ease and with ease comes confidence to develop skills and capabilities.

When students are inherently keen, motivated to study and engage with what they are learning they definitely work hard and understand the value of diligence, persistence and commitment to what they are learning.

The ethos of Bhujoharry College can be considered to be unique. Our mission is to guide and shape our mixed abilities students to blossom to their full potential, to be creative, to develop their capacity to think and decide for themselves in a school culture based on love, respect, co-operation rather than competition.

More than just mentors, facilitators, educators are the “Gurus” of students. In the aim of ensuring pastoral role to develop civic minded citizen, the school manager Ramdass Ellayah has embarked on a new project “Ensam Nou Kapav” whereby a free lunch is given to all students, staffs of Bhujoharry College at the end of each month. “Those who eat together stay together”, with this philosophy in mind, educators and students together prepare the setting of their classroom transforming it from a formal structure to a round layout so as to have a joyful and loving atmosphere.

Sharing a common meal certainly helps to consolidate the student/teacher relationship factor. Through the bond between teacher and student, it is the ideal occasion to emphasize on ethics and moral lessons and particularly lend an ear to our students to know what really hinders their academic endeavour. Moreover, “Ensam Nou Kapav” is also the ideal moment to holistically unleash the student’s potentials through diverse activities like roleplay, quiz, talk on rampant themes, musical activities to develop their abilities. For example, the sounds and rhythms played through guitar is used as quiz to test their concentration and listening skills and the psychomotor domain while drama, quiz, help to develop communicative skills and overcome shyness in a funny way.

It has always been maintained that the future of a country lies in the hands of its children. Teachers, as mentors, have the duties and responsibilities to mould students into future leaders who then shape the destiny of the nation.

On a final note there is no doubt that teaching is a noble profession, educators need to continually strive to nurture development of the whole child. Such endeavor will certainly result in producing Mauritian citizens who are knowledgeable, competent, who possess noble values, who are responsible and capable of achieving psychological well being so as to contribute to the betterment of the family, society and the nation at large.