Dev Virahsawmy

Dan lopozision tou dimoun koz kont gous; dan gouvernman pa koz gous.


Gouvernman sanze.


Gouvernman pa koz gous me lopozision koz gous for-for.

Zot bien kone.


Babaji, babouji, padre, monsignor, mawlana koz kont gous;

Bann fidel dakor.


Gous enn move zafer,

Samem fer lanfer lor later.


Donn bonje Soma so doz soma;

Donn tanbalon koko-banann pou bonje ekout lapriyer;

Alim labouzi pou fer bonje ekoute,

Fer li ekzos lapriyer.

Fer lapriyer for-for, met oparler for-for:

Bonje kontan sa.

Lerla li ekoute.

Ritiel fer bonje kontan.


Donn gous enn pese sa.


Enn pese sa?


Kan Toktok ti poz kestion

Babaji, babouji, padre, monsignor, mawlana

Ti sap lor kal;

Ti fer admet li dan mantal.


Donn gous enn pese sa.

Me bann fidel kontan donn soma, koko-banann,

alim labouzi, fer lapriyer for-for.

Donn gous enn pese sa?


Mo pa reponn; mo pe al zwenn Toktok dan mantal.

Normal fer gagn dimal.




In the opposition ranks they are all against kickbacks;

In government ranks, not a word.

A change in the government of the day.

New government? Not a word.

New opposition vociferates anti-kickback slogans.

They know what they’re talking about.


Pandits and priests denounce kickbacks.

The faithful applaud.


Kickbacks are bad,

A deadly sin!


Give god Soma his soma ration;

Offer a platterful of coconuts and bananas

and god will listen;

Light candles to appease the gods;

Shout you prayers – volume up full blast.

The gods like this.

Your requests will be granted.

The gods love offerings and rituals.


Kickbacks are wrong!




When Nutty asked questions

Pandits and priests

Were furious.

They had him locked up in a mental bin.


Kickbacks are evil

But the faithful love to offer soma, coconut-bananas,

lit candles, full-blast-prayers.

Really a sin?


I did not answer.


I chose to join Nutty.

Normal is dismal.