It now looks like the worst scenario is coming up for women once again- fewer seats than ever, and more pie-in-the-sky promises of all the good things coming AFTER the Elections: doesn’t it sound familiar? It certainly ought to, for we have heard the same song for the past three elections, and some of us have even danced to the tune, but that is not the point, which is: are we going to lose out once again this time?
If we do nothing, then we will deserve what we get, and once again lose our rights to a fair share in the process of government.
Just think for a moment, why should 51.8% of any population accept to be represented in the order of 18%, when we have the secret ballot and can find our own way to the polling booths?
It seems clear, despite what we hear from the politicians, that the block vote is the enemy of women, and women will never get anywhere with this habit of voting in Mauritius, however men may decide to vote this time around.
However, although women everywhere in Mauritius are suspicious of this conjecture and reluctant to stand as candidates, there is absolutely nothing to stop us women voters casting our voices this time for women, across the parties, and even outside them- after all, women like Sheila Bunwaree and Roshni Mooneram should certainly have their place in the Legislature and cannot be discounted as decorative items or intellectual lightweights! They and other brave women are once again preparing to trust the electorate to use their power constructively- shall we let them down? They are responsible (Mooneram’s  ‘Ensam’ has the best programme so far), formed, enthusiastic, and deserve a chance to show that politics can be done differently.
Ladies, this may be our chance – why can’t we just decide to take it?