Four years ago, I have been introduced to Black and White photography. Since then it has become my passion almost an obsession. At first, I thought that photography was all about taking pictures but I was wrong. Photography is a philosophy of life. It has the power of conveying emotions, capturing a moment that will never come back again. Everything changes with time, even people change but the emotions and the story in a picture remain. When one takes pictures of people in colour, one shoots their clothes but when one does it in Black and White, one captures their souls. My camera is my precious tool which helps me to convey my message to the world. I like to make people see the world through my eyes, the way I see things. Many of my pictures speak about all those feelings that I can’t express with words. People often look at my pictures but rarely look into them.
After experiencing many styles of photography like fashion or architecture, I found myself more into street photography because it shows what is really going around in the world; how people are evolving, how changes are occurring everyday.
Besides Black and White, I also like sunsets. Sunset is an Art whose colours cannot be hidden. A photographer or a painter can be the witness of such arts. Taking pictures of sunsets is a form of prayer. Its just like preaching the words of God because the photographer is showing to the world the heaven that God creates everyday and it is more than words can express.
Since I started photography, I see things differently. Suddenly everything becomes beautiful. Even things that I found awful once have become very beautiful now.
 » When people look at my pictures, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice” [Robert Frank].