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Charity begins at home… so does productivity

National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC)

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Oftentimes we have heard of the need to increase productivity in every sphere of economic activities, be it at home or at work. Being anyhow a legitimate quest which aims at ensuring a constant economic growth and taking socioeconomic development and progress to new heights, this implies putting into place different national policies and measures that would potentially boost our productivity level. And most of the time, we are brought under the impression that this matter relies wholly in the hands of our policymakers and should they not take any step ahead, this would consequently signify that we will never make any move towards a higher productivity level.

We have always remained under the illusion that productivity can only be achieved through rigorous regulations and incentives that would encourage us to become more productive. The word ‘productivity’ actually has often been mistaken for higher producing capacity. This is perhaps from where this whole misunderstanding started as productivity has always been a priority mentioned by policymakers and industry people.

But it turns out that productivity is very much everyone’s affair. The proverb ‘charity begins at home’ could most probably apply to productivity itself. Encouraging people to reduce energy wastages at home, for example switching the lights in unoccupied rooms, is not something that would necessarily require any legislation, isn’t it? How to best utilize one’s time in the best way does not warrant any national policy. Or keeping one’s place of work neat, tidy, organised and free of useless items does not necessarily need a national regulation, isn’t it? “Depi kan sofa get television?” Does that campaign of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) some years ago ring a bell?

Productivity is not complicated. It’s just about simple things like working in an organised way and managing your time. It’s not about working more but working better. It’s about team work. Finally, it’s all about ourselves and the quest to create positive habits that lead us towards a higher productivity in both our personal and professional lives.


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